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Crosspath Theatre
Intercultural theatre company
Founded 2010

Co-founded in 2010 with John Agard and Grace Nichols, Crosspath Theatre aims to bridge poetry and theatre through a celebration of resonant text and orality. Fusing a range of traditions and linking cultures, Crosspath brings the communal energy of folk narrative, mythology, panto and the carnivalesque to contemporary issues and hidden histories. The company is focused particularly on developing John Agard's writing for theatre and is based in Lewes, East Sussex.
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Productions and projects to date

Written by John Agard
Directed by Mark C. Hewitt

Aa satirical imagining of the famously flirtatious romance between Elizabeth I and Sir Walter Ralegh.
Puff is set in a period of Elizabethan enchantment with the wonders of the New World - in particular, tobacco - the Queen herself having been introduced to the puffing habit by the adventurer, Sir Walter.

Below: Leann O’Kasi as Elizabeth, Christopher Paddon as Ralegh. Photo © Josh Pulman

Written by John Agard
Directed by Jeremy Stockwell

An entertaining and thought-provoking spin on The Tempest; true to the spirit of magic in Shakespeare yet bringing a modern focus to still relevant questions of language, power and difference.

Below: Peter Faulkner as President Caliban. Photo © Oscar Hewitt

Written by John Agard
Co-directed by Rikki Tarascas, John Agard & Mark C. Hewitt
Musical direction by Peter Faulkner

A bawdy satirical comedy set in a multicultural Roman London.
Can the posh North African Romano-Brits cope with the new pagan arrivals?
What to do about the plague of rats? Who will save Londinium?

pied piper - lo res e-flyer

Above: poster for The Pied Piper of Londinium by ‘another fine mesh’