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Malcolm Glover
2014 -2016

A video installation by Malcolm Glover
Digital manipulation and editing by Eddie Knight
Production co-ordinator: Nicola Joy
Text: Mark C. Hewitt


An obliquely autobiographical work that depicts two rows of worshippers, each led by their local priest as they recite the Our Father; one of the sequences filmed at
Drumkeeran Church in County Leitrim, Ireland, where photographer Malcolm Glover's mother was born and brought up, the other at the Church of St Thomas of Canterbury & the English Martyrs, St Leonards on Sea, where he now lives. The two congregations, projected onto opposing panels, set up an alternating cycle of utterance and silence, presence and absence. Congregation was first shown at the Lucy Bell Photographic Gallery in St Leonards-on-Sea, February, 2016.

My poem, Congregation, was the text/narrative that accompanied the installation. It also stands as a poem in its own right and can be read on the project website alongside background material and photos of the shoots.

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