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Altered Egos
LLL Productions

Written and performed by Bernadette Cremin
Directed by Mark C. Hewitt
Sound design by John Avery

A one-woman live literature show by award-winning poet/performer Bernadette Cremin offering bittersweet vignettes of six female characters, or 'six untidy lives' as she describes them. Each monologue opens a window on the backstory of a troubled survivor, vulnerable characters “undaunted in the face of everything life throws at them”. The work was previewed in March 2012 at New Venture Theatre, Brighton, wth sound design by John Avery and lighting design by Rebecca Perkins. Photography and video work was by Josh Pulman.

Above: Joan / Trudy. Character photos on this page © Josh Pulman, 2012

• “Altered Egos packs a powerful emotional punch. It is a show that makes you shiver, staying in the heart as well as the memory.” - Bridget Whelan, The Irish World
• “Playing a succession of characters, from debutante through to murderess, she hardly skips a beat.” - Jan Goodey, The Latest, Brighton
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Above: Patsy / Val
Below: Sophie / Tina

Below: Patsy 'out of it' on medication in the live performance (photo by Robin James)

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