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Future Dreaming
Installation/exhibition curated by Guyan Porter
May/June 2014

Future Dreaming was a group exhibition curated by artist Guyan Porter at The Foundry Gallery in Lewes, to which I contributed a video installation and site specific performance. Other contributors included Guyan Porter, Hollington & Kyprianou, Xelís de Toro and Alinah Azadeh. All participating artists devised new works that related to the themes of tube project but also connected their ongoing practice. The exhibition included painting, sculpture, installation pieces and performance art.

My work was comprised of two elements: an audio/video installation (
Janus Loop) and a one-off site-specific performance: it’s time to consult the captain of the ship of dreams.

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Janus Loop. Audio piece on headphones / projection of the Head of Janus, god of doorways and transitions.

it’s time to consult the captain of the ship of dreams