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Brighton Fringe performances 2022

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Prison Dialogues
Brighton Fringe

My play Prison Dialogues returns to Brighton Fringe Festival for an intensive run of five performances in three days at The Rotunda Theatre, a pop-up venue installed in Regency Square for the duration of the festival. The play, which consists of alternating male and female dialogues, was premiered to considerable audience acclaim at Brighton Fringe 2021, one of the first new theatre works to be performed after the long lockdown. "Wonderful writing and performance, captivating changes of pace and moments of stillness. Moving and totally believable." / "Fantastic dialogue - thought-provoking and funny!" The play is performed in 2022 by Sarah J. Lewis, Leann O'Kasi, Araba Jane, Sonny Jaiteh and Tommy Oldroyd.

Photo © Sara Roque Peres, 2020 - (l to r) actresses Sarah J. Lewis, Leann O'Kasi and Araba Jane.

Brighton Fringe Festival 2022
Dates: Friday 6 May: 9.00pm
Saturday 7 May & Sunday 8 May: 3.30pm & 9.00pm
Venue: Rotunda Theatre, Regency Square, Brighton
Tickets: £12.00 / £10.00 (concessions) - available from both Brighton Fringe & The Rotunda box offices
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theatre in translation
Brighton Fringe

Also at Brighton Fringe, a run of performances for Labyrinth, a Portuguese physical theatre monologue on which I collaborated with actress Marta Carvalho to create an English version which we previewed in London in 2019. The original Portuguese production, written and directed by Galician theatremaker Moncho Rodriguez, was toured in Brazil and Portugal. This will be its first major run of dates in the UK.

The narrative of Labyrinth hovers ambiguously between murder and vivid fantasy as it depicts a woman on the edge, desperate to break free of the entanglements of a love affair that's turned toxic. Has she actually killed her lover? Is this a violent reaction to coercive control? We can't be sure.

"Labyrinth is full-on physical theatre in which Carvalho takes us on a woman’s rollercoaster journey through a myriad of emotions... It resonates on many levels, bringing to mind elements of domestic abuse such as control, coercion, and physical violence..." (Anna Arnone, Hastings Independent Press)
“Immersive, bold, challenging...” (audience feedback)

Photo © Sara Roque Peres, 2019

Brighton Fringe Festival 2022
Dates: Tuesday 24 May - Sunday 29 May, 7.45pm
(+ one matinee: Friday 27th May, 2.30pm)
Venue: Lantern Theatre, 77 St James's Street, Brighton BN2 1PF
Tickets: £12.00 / £9.00 (concessions)
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Phone: 01273 818266 (Lantern Theatre)

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