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Geneva Convention

Reviews and audience feedback for my play
Geneva Convention, which was premiered at Brighton Fringe Festival last May.

“… a timely and urgent reminder of the power of theatre to discomfit. … Four women actors combine in Greek chorus, join hands, peel off, turn on each other … What’s wrought is spare, original, strange; at its deepest inconsolable. There’s a desire to unsettle and appal, a refusal to accommodate sensationalism. As this gets quieter, it shouts more loudly.”
(Simon Jenner, Fringe Review)

"A highly recommended watch! … the four performers echoing each other – completing each other’s sentences – storytelling … Hewitt’s experimentation with structure a welcomed feature of the show, something that works perfectly with our algorithmic world of distorted timelines.”
(Lucy Basaba, Theatre Fullstop)

Photos © Peter Williams, 2024, taken at Lantern Theatre, Brighton


"Powerful & moving - a hidden gem of the Fringe! An incredible troupe of international performers.”
“Absolutely loved the show. I am spellbound.”
“A wonderful theatrical experience. Moving, painful, informative and also with humour. Amazing rhythms with the words and great thought-provoking performances.”
"Great acting and powerful staging. One of my highlights of the Fringe.”
“Beautifully choregraphed movement. ."
"Loved the stylised storytelling.”
“Great balance and textures, different languages. Music all so strong and melding so well together.”
“An amazing piece of theatre – theatre as it should be. Totally engaging and beautifully performed.”
"Four amazing actors. The techniques and the performances were fantastic.”
“Intense, deep and powerful. Strong images ..."

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digital theatre
Songs of the Chambermaids
film festivals

Shame 01 lo
In June 2024, my video piece, Songs of the Chambermaids, (a sequence from my play, Civilization and its Discontents) was a Semi-Finalist at CLIMAX Festival Internacional de Cinema in Independiente in Madrid and a Nominee at Planet Cinema online festival, based in the United States. Previously, it's been a category winner at Brighton Rocks International Film Festival and Bestlov Film Festival.