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Civilization and its Discontents: 11 Movements for Theatre
Blank Productions - work in development

Text by Mark C. Hewitt
Music by Thomas Strønen

Civilization - Klimowski poster crop
Poster art © Andrzej Klimowski, 2017


1: Prologue

2: ‘Against the dreaded external world one can only defend oneself by some kind of turning away …’
3: 'The irresistibility of perverse impulses and perhaps the charm of forbidden things generally’
4: ‘One might say that the intention that man should be happy is not included in the plan of Creation’
5: ‘It’s worth noting that the genitals themselves, the sight of which is always exciting, are rarely regarded as beautiful’
6: ‘We now observe that the useless thing we expect civilization to value is beauty’
7: ‘Unbridled gratification of every desire presents itself as the most alluring guiding principle in life, but it means putting enjoyment before caution and soon brings its own punishment’
8: 'It is in sadism, where the death instinct bends the erotic aim to its own will, while at the same time gratifying sexual craving, that we obtain the clearest insight into its nature’
9: Songs of the Chambermaids (‘The boundaries of the ego are not constant’ / ‘The non-satisfaction of powerful instincts’ / ‘Men are not gentle creatures’ / ‘The fatal inevitability of the sense of guilt’)
10: ‘And now I think the meaning of the evolution of civilization is no longer obscure to us’
11: Epilogue

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"The silliest things can be terrifying."

R&D photo (2014) by Nivine F. Keating