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Prison Dialogues
LLL Productions 2021

Written and directed by Mark C. Hewitt
Original cast: Sarah J. Lewis, Leann O'Kasi, Araba Jane, Connor Mills & Sonny Jaiteh
Current cast: Sarah J. Lewis, Leann O'Kasi, Araba Jane, Sonny Jaiteh & Tommy Oldroyd

Incidental music by Peter Copley

Prison Dialogues consists of alternating/interweaving male and female narratives set within 'the everyday' of prison life. Variously described in reviews as 'stripped-down' or 'minimalist', the play was premiered to considerable audience acclaim at Brighton Fringe 2021, one of the first new pieces to be previewed in the UK following the 18 months of covid lockdown.

Written for a diverse cast of three women and two men, the production draws on traditions of the absurd with an engaging text that is sweary, playful and fun.

Sarah J. Lewis as Gabi, Leann O'Kasi as Lydia and Araba Jane as Zara. Photo © Sara Roque Peres, 2021.

Read the 2021 Brighton Fringe Review here »

Audience feedback:
• “Loved this stripped-down play from Mark C. Hewitt. The talk, the convos and the wonderings of people banged up and filling time. Truly excellent performances all round.”
• “Wonderful writing and performance, captivating changes of pace and moments of stillness, so effective. Moving and totally believable. And funny.”
• “Mesmerising – terrific dramatic tension throughout – never dropped – superb writing and acting throughout – a privilege to have witnessed this show.”
• “Fantastic – I LOVE minimalist theatre which requires TIMING … NAILED IT!”
• “10/10! Great acting and really interesting dialogue. We really enjoyed!”
• “An amazingly intimate journey and a different perspective on the trivial day-to-day life in prison. A very believable performance from the actors who really became their characters during the show. Really engaging and entertaining to watch.”
• “I don’t understand how/why it worked – but it really did!”
• “Very much enjoyed the exploration of distinctive characters and varied but interlinking themes and ideas. Music was also well-written and performed.”
• “Brilliantly written. Brilliantly acted – very tight and great use of pause and tension. Loved it!”
• “Refreshing to have real questions asked aloud. Superb acting.”
• “Totally absorbing. I could have listened to the characters for hours – profound, heady and thought-provoking.”
• “From 6 years working in criminal justice, really well-researched in terms of character formation.”
• “I know it is set in prison but I felt there were too many ‘fucks’ in the script. Otherwise,
very entertaining.”
• “Superb play. The closed setting gave a good feel for a prison. Right length of time.”
• “Brilliant, acting, writing and directing, especially enjoyed Frenchie’s philosophical musings.”
• “Fantastic dialogue – thought-provoking and funny!”
• “An enjoyable and immersive performance. Great character portrayals.”
• “Loved it. Acting and writing beautiful and authentic. Music was powerful.”
• “Fantastic play. A brilliant melding of philosophy and the harsh truths of prison life.’
• “Amazing performance! Such strong actors bringing the piece to life! Just proves you don’t need a fancy set to make an impact!”
• “First time back in a theatre this year, thank you for an incredible show full of beautiful performances. Very well acted!”
• “Absolutely amazing!! Thoroughly enjoyed. Funny and fabulous! That tin of tuna was a coup de grace!”
• “I was quite drunk but it was generally excellent.”
• “It has the quality of choreography but is no less spontaneous for it. These amazing actors are so intuitive and beautiful to watch and they can hold a silence.”
• “Utterly convincing.”
• “Riveting. Laughed my head off.”
• “Brilliant and so sad.”
• “Strong performances with perfectly held silences.”
• “I thought the performances were beautiful... Faultless”
• “An evocative and moving portrayal … The emotional range expressed between male and female experience and within each character were for me powerfully drawn and performed. I was genuinely immersed and touched by the reality of their situations.”
• “This is a really important piece of work.
• “It was brilliant. One of the best pieces of theatre I’ve seen in years. Real/surreal, perceptive and perfectly tuned to the human voice. Mark C. Hewitt deserves real accolades for this wonderful writing.”
. "Stunning writing, great acting, excellent ensemble. Funny, clever, the complete opposite of patronising, unusual, rhythmic. I loved it."

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2021 cast with Connor Mills as Clamp and Sonny Jaiteh as French. Photos by Sara Roque Peres.

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Below: 2022 cast with Tommy Oldroyd as Clamp. Photos by Sara Roque Peres.
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