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Les Coffrets

Texts / concept by Mark C. Hewitt
Video sequences / image manipulation by Matt Parsons

A collection of 10 stylistically coherent micro-videos - all less than 90 seconds duration - made in collaboration with artist
Matt Parsons. Each is voiced by a different actor (apart from a couple voiced by the author). The vids were created as visual counterpoints to a poem sequence with the overarching title, Les Coffrets, related to the shape of the poems on the page: small boxes, each of thirteen and a half lines, surrounded by a lot of white. In this sequence, ‘the authorial voice’ is largely abandoned in favour of chance elements, such as words seen on clothing or adverts or overheard on a train journey or in the street. As such, they offer no consoling message, but as playwright Howard Barker once observed: “who trusts the message giver anymore?

The videos themselves typically have a retro noir quality and are highly surrealistic in feel and construction. Some have individually featured in film festivals.
Apprenticeship was shown at Under the Floorboards remote film festival in November 2020, Premium was winner in the One Minute Film category for October 2020 at the Cult Critic Movie Awards film festival in Calcutta. Boobs was semi-finalist in the Night of Comedy Shorts festival in Milan, Premium was an Official Selection at the Short Shot Fest in Moscow, Premium and Camp were official selections at Berlin Flash Film Festival, Premium winning an Outstanding Achievement laurel and Camp an Honorable Mention.

The videos
Bamboo (performed by Vanessa Labrie)
White (performed by Richard Attlee)
Premium (performed by Melissa Sirol)
Premium (version with found music)
Limelight (performed by Mark C. Hewitt)
Camp (performed by Jonathan Cullen)
Boobs (performed by Isabella McCarthy Sommerville)
Excuses (performed by John Cormack)
Apprenticeship (performed by Mark C. Hewitt and ad hoc chorus)

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Locket 1080 x 1920
Premium (STILL2)
Shadow 1080 x 1920