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Prison Dialogues
LLL Productions 2021

Written and directed by Mark C. Hewitt
Original cast: Sarah J. Lewis, Leann O'Kasi, Araba Jane, Connor Mills & Sonny Jaiteh
Current cast: Sarah J. Lewis, Leann O'Kasi, Araba Jane, Sonny Jaiteh & Tommy Oldroyd

Incidental music by Peter Copley

Prison Dialogues consists of alternating/interweaving male and female dialogues set in' the everyday of prison. Three women, two men and a text full of banter that leans playfully towards the futile. The play was premiered at Brighton Fringe Festival from 28 May to 3 June, 2021, one of the first pieces of new theatre to be performed in the UK post-lockdown.

Sarah J. Lewis as Gabi, Leann O'Kasi as Lydia and Araba Jane as Zara. Photo © Sara Roque Peres, 2021.

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Audience feedback:
• “Loved this stripped-down play from Mark C. Hewitt. The talk, the convos and the wonderings of people banged up and filling time. Truly excellent performances all round.”
• “Wonderful writing and performance, captivating changes of pace and moments of stillness, so effective. Moving and totally believable. And funny.”
• “Mesmerising – terrific dramatic tension throughout – never dropped – superb writing and acting throughout – a privilege to have witnessed this show.”
• “Fantastic – I LOVE minimalist theatre which requires TIMING … NAILED IT!”
• “10/10! Great acting and really interesting dialogue. We really enjoyed!”
• “An amazingly intimate journey and a different perspective on the trivial day-to-day life in prison. A very believable performance from the actors who really became their characters during the show. Really engaging and entertaining to watch.”
• “I don’t understand how/why it worked – but it really did!”
• “Very much enjoyed the exploration of distinctive characters and varied but interlinking themes and ideas. Music was also well-written and performed.”
• “Brilliantly written. Brilliantly acted – very tight and great use of pause and tension. Loved it!”
• “Refreshing to have real questions asked aloud. Superb acting.”
• “Totally absorbing. I could have listened to the characters for hours – profound, heady and thought-provoking.”
• “From 6 years working in criminal justice, really well-researched in terms of character formation.”
• “I know it is set in prison but I felt there were too many ‘fucks’ in the script. Otherwise,
very entertaining.”
• “Superb play. The closed setting gave a good feel for a prison. Right length of time.”
• “Brilliant, acting, writing and directing, especially enjoyed Frenchie’s philosophical musings.”
• “Fantastic dialogue – thought-provoking and funny!”
• “An enjoyable and immersive performance. Great character portrayals.”
• “Loved it. Acting and writing beautiful and authentic. Music was powerful.”
• “Fantastic play. A brilliant melding of philosophy and the harsh truths of prison life.’
• “Amazing performance! Such strong actors bringing the piece to life! Just proves you don’t need a fancy set to make an impact!”
• “First time back in a theatre this year, thank you for an incredible show full of beautiful performances. Very well acted!”
• “Absolutely amazing!! Thoroughly enjoyed. Funny and fabulous! That tin of tuna was a coup de grace!”
• “I was quite drunk but it was generally excellent.”
• “It has the quality of choreography but is no less spontaneous for it. These amazing actors are so intuitive and beautiful to watch and they can hold a silence.”
• “Utterly convincing.”
• “Riveting. Laughed my head off.”
• “Brilliant and so sad.”
• “Strong performances with perfectly held silences.”
• “I thought the performances were beautiful... Faultless”
• “An evocative and moving portrayal … The emotional range expressed between male and female experience and within each character were for me powerfully drawn and performed. I was genuinely immersed and touched by the reality of their situations.”
• “This is a really important piece of work.
• “It was brilliant. One of the best pieces of theatre I’ve seen in years. Real/surreal, perceptive and perfectly tuned to the human voice. Mark C. Hewitt deserves real accolades for this wonderful writing.”
. "Stunning writing, great acting, excellent ensemble. Funny, clever, the complete opposite of patronising, unusual, rhythmic. I loved it."

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2021 cast with Connor Mills as Clamp and Sonny Jaiteh as French. Photos by Sara Roque Peres.

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Below: 2022 cast with Tommy Oldroyd as Clamp. Photos by Sara Roque Peres.
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