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City Running
Brighton, May 2006

City Running was a nocturnal live art event conceived and curated by artist Greg Daville for Brighton Fringe Festival 2006. Over 40 artists contributed an initial piece of work for an exhibition at Phoenix Gallery in Brighton; then, on the following Saturdays over a five week period, groups of practitioners would set out from the gallery at 11pm to "complete a reconnaissance, gather material, or execute an intervention", returning around midnight to spontaneously create, develop and present a new piece triggered by their encounter with the city. These responses were then presented in the gallery from around 2am through to the early hours for anyone who happened to be present. The new pieces then replaced the original exhibits so that the exhibition was entirely transformed by the end of the project. Greg Daville, sadly missed, died in April 2007. A second City Running event was held in Bristol in November 2012 curated by Rowena Easton.

City Running Greg Daville
Above: Greg Daville (RIP), introducing presentations during City Running, Brighton, 2006
Below: my own presentation at City Running, based largely on observational notes

Below: observational notes

City Running - notebook006-web

CityRunning IMG_1253
Above: my original exhibit