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Experiments with Live Literature
A course for writers
LLL Productions / NWS

In recent years there has been a big increase in the number of one-man and one-woman shows by writers, alongside an opening and broadening of 'live literature' as a distinct genre. This course is about making your own distinctive live literature piece, beginning with a text and developing it to the point where it can be presented in front of an audience as a work-in-progress.

Previous courses have been hosted by Lewes Live Literature (2011) and New Writing South (2012).

Participants do not need to be experienced performers (or performers at all) as personal style and idiosyncrasy are things we can work with. The course encourages collaboration across artforms, experimentation and risk-taking. It is not a writing course although texts will be developed as part of the working process. Most forms of writing will work - from poetry to fiction to non-fiction to memoir.

Experiments with Live Literature is intended as a voyage of discovery, therefore an open mind is essential; and a willingness to give feedback on other people's work in progress.

Feedback from previous participants

"A safe environment to experiment, to share ideas, to plant the germ of an idea and to see how it germinates in this point of our lives. You have to have a willingness to take ‘risks’."

"Take your text on an adventure, learn lots of new stuff, have fun and put together a little show piece."

"... presenting the piece to an audience enabled me to see the work in a completely different light. The performance showed me exactly where the piece worked and where it had potential for further exploration."