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The Dream Library

An online record of different people's accounts of dream experiences.

Content of the dream library includes:

dream buildings: dreams in which 'architectural' structures and interiors play a significant role within the narrative. These dreams were first collected by Mark C. Hewitt working in partnership with artist/writer Rowena Easton as part of a project entitled Dream Buildings conceived for architecture08 festival. In 2009, Rowena Easton and Mark Hewitt founded a new artists' organisation - collapse - to further explore decadent architectural themes linked to ideas of collapse, ruin and 'the uncanny'.

dreams other: dreams of a more general nature first collected as part of a project entitled Hypnotrash - an exploration of the use of hypnotherapy as a creative tool, developed for a millennial Year of the Artist residency in 2000, working with hypnotherapist Wendy Jago. Wendy Jago's book, 'Your Inner Coach' (Piatkus, 2003), co-authored with Ian McDermott - grew in part out of her own response to the project, which, whilst it set out to explore the creative possibilities of hypnosis, ended up focusing much more on 'altered states' and - (as Wendy puts it in her book) - developing 'a higher level of rapport between your normal awareness and your subconscious'.

dream quotes
'The dream does never trouble itself about things which are not deserving of our concern during the day, and trivialities which do not trouble us during the day have no power to pursue us whilst asleep.'
Sigmund Freud, On Dreams (1901), translated by M.D. Eder

Left: 'Ghost' © Greg Daville 2002
Right: detail from 'Architectural Visions of Early Fancy' by Joseph Michael Gandy (1820) - courtesy of the Trustees of Sir John Soane's Museum